Monday, June 10, 2019

World Cup: Big Hitter hopes the pacer, the bouncer being the most deadly weapon

New Delhi: The 15th match is being played on Monday (June 10) in the ICC World Cup. There has been a score of more than 300 times in eight matches played so far. Also, four times it happened that no team could touch the 200-run mark. If you make this figure the basis, then it may look like big scores are happening in the World Cup (2019) and the power of the batsmen. But that is not so. The reality is that in this World Cup, the pressure of the bowlers has been found so far. If we compare with the previous World Cup then the fast bowler is throwing about 8% more bouncers.

England's website 'The Telegraph' has published a report about this. It has compared the bowling of the last four World Cups. It has been said that there has been a big change in cricket in the last four years due to two reasons. The impact of the first T20 cricket and the other batsmen who support the pitch. For these two reasons, it was expected that big scores will be scored in the World Cup in England. In the series played between England and Pakistan, the score was 300 times each time. In terms of runs, it was considered a World Cup trial.

45% of balls were short-pitched
The Telegraph report says that this time the power of batsmen has not increased. Yes, the bowlers have certainly managed to make more terror on the batsmen. Four years ago, 37% of the balls played in Australia were thrown short by the World Cup. Which has increased to 44.8% this time. That is, short cuts have increased by about eight percent in the balls. In the 2011 World Cup 37.3% and 2011 World Cup, 31.9% of the balls were short-pitched.

32 wickets fell short
According to the report, 65 yards in the current World Cup, about 32% of wickets have fallen short on the ball. Which are the highest. About 24% of wickets fell on the fulllane balls. The rest 29% wickets fell on Goodlend or Fults balls. In the far few matches, the shortest form of balls against West Indies was done against Pakistan. In Pakistan, it was just over 105 runs. This report of the Telegraph has also been cited in Crickwitz reports.

Wide balls also increased
Because of the success of the balls short, these teams have joined the strategy of all the teams. However, its effect has also been seen that the number of such bouncers has increased, which has been termed as Wide. West Indies bowlers have bowled 24 such balls.

Windies shortcuted 52% balls
Speaking of the bouts till June 10, the West Indies made the most short balls. His bowlers have bowled 52% short balls. England are second with 48.7% short-pitched balls. Pakistan (47.7%) third, India (47.2%) is fourth and Australia (47.2%) is at fifth position.


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