Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Bala Movie Review: Gudgudane has come 'Bala', Ayushmann Khurrana once again gave blockbuster movie

Film - Bala
Direction- Amar Kaushik
Cast- Ayushman Khurana, Bhumi Pednekar, Yami Gautam
Star 4

There are two types of humans in the world, good or bad. For every person, the definition of good person is someone else and something else is bad. It depends on the human being that he puts the other in either of these two categories. None of us are perfect. There is every type of person in the world. Who is probably struggling with some problem. Then whether it is a skin or hair problem or any internal disease is sitting in the body. But if you like to laugh then perhaps many of your illnesses and difficulties can be cured.

He says 'Laughter is the best medicine' (Laughter is the best for health). Ayushmann Khurrana's film will not only teach you to laugh, but will also teach you to love yourself. Not a big lesson, but a small lesson, it will definitely give that you adopt yourself as you are and consider yourself good. Accept the fact that no person is perfect.

After giving successive hits, Ayushmann Khurrana has again given another hit at the box office titled 'Bala'. Ayushman Khurana has named the year 2019.

Bala Trailer

It was revealed from the trailer of the film 'Bala' that Ayushmann Khurrana is playing a bald character in the film, but it was also shown that he does not accept himself as he is. They try to get hair on their head so that they start looking perfect and they get married. A girl may also get married. But after watching the film, I would like to tell you that Ayushmann Khurrana has impressed the audience with his acting and has also given the message to love himself, no matter how you are. Every person has shortcomings that learn to adopt.

Movie story

The story of the film revolves around Ayushman Khurana, who is troubled by his baldness. His name in this is Balmukund i.e. 'Bala', who hails from Kanpur. Bala, who loved his silky hair as a child, comes to his life at the age of 20, and all his hair falls. After this, they adopt about 212 prescriptions in two years, in which the method of applying from onion juice to buffalo dung is hidden. Despite this, they are unable to regain their hair. Eventually they choose to wear a wig that will allow them to get married.

Bhumi Pednekar is seen playing the character of Bala's childhood friend and neighbor named Latika. Latika, due to her dark complexion, is a victim of fun which she does not mind at all. On the contrary, she is seen giving very good arguments in the film. Bhumi Pednekar has played his character well.

The film stars Yami Gautam (Pari Mishra), a tick-talk queen whose life is full of joy. She is also seen adding fairness and beauty cream. Pari Mishra, who is proud of her whiteness, is settled with Bala. But they do not know the reality of Bala. Before marriage, Latika is seen trying to tell Pari the reality of Bala. After watching the film, you will know how they succeed in this endeavor.

Supporting cast

The film will see a great supporting cast. Saurabh Shukla plays Bala's father. At the same time, Seema Pahwa is going to be seen in the role of her aunt. Abhishek Banerjee will be seen in a salon as a barber who will be seen telling Bala every recipe that will bring back his hair. At the same time, Javed Jaffrey will be seen counseling Bala. Bala's brother is played by Direndra Kumar Gautam, who is a great compliment.

Excellent film direction

The director of the film, Amar Kaushik has done a wonderful job. From the story of the film to the dialogues set at the perfect time. The sequence of everything is so good that you will laughter and laugh.

Overall, the film is tickling with good direction. We will give it 4 stars.


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