Wednesday, November 27, 2019

MOVIE REVIEW: This 'Joker' plays with the mind

In the 2008 film The Dark Knight, we saw a villain in the form of 'Joker', who had formed a whole army of people wearing clown masks. Every member of the army had clear instructions to kill a person who was carrying out his previous work in a criminal mission divided into pieces as soon as his work was finished. Nobody knew that the person who executed the next part would kill him as soon as his part in the mission was over. The film raised a big question, how did this clown who killed his own people become a goth? The answer is hidden in the DC Joker film produced and directed by Todd Phillippe, released yesterday.

A story whose villain is its hero. A clown. Who always laughs fake laughter. Whose mother calls him 'Happy', but who has never been 'Happy' all his life. The Joker i.e. 40-year-old Arthur Flake lives in a fictional town called Godum. He works by attracting the attention of customers by juggling outside the shops. Scavengers are on strike due to lack of jobs, due to which garbage is scattered everywhere. Dirt, plight and increasing anger among people, criminal incidents - this scene of God is somewhere reminiscent of many cities of today. In such a tense environment, like most people from the lower classes, Arthur also gets scorn, hatred and misbehavior at every step. Arthur has a disease in which he starts laughing and laughing as soon as the negative emotion comes to mind. This laughter, filled with sadness, despair and helplessness, is often haunted by the resentment of those around him. When this happens, Arthur shows people a card that reads, "I suffer from a disease of non-stop laughing." Please do not mind it. ”But the sociality of society does not melt with the message of this card. Finally, there comes a moment when Arthur's patience breaks down and the insanity wakes up inside him. In the process of this whole change, how his psychology changes, his facial expressions, his style changes, he is worth watching.

This character sometimes amazes the audience and sometimes tries to dominate them psychologically. Actor Walkin Phoenix plays it so much that even after the end of the film, it stays on the mind for a long time. The film depicts how ruthless a society is for people with mental illnesses, especially, if it is not of elite class. Actor Robert De Niro plays a standup comedian, Jazzy Beats, Arthur's girlfriend and Brett Cullen, Thomas Wayne (Batman's father). All have played their characters well. Lawrence Sher's cinematography and Hilder Günadotter's music play a major role in taking the film to its darker dark mood.

Joker is a film that tells that there is no human born villain. The film tells the story of a common man becoming a villain, talking about the excesses that happened to him. But while watching the film, there comes a time when your feelings start connecting with the Joker. And this is the time when you have to remind yourself that no matter how many excesses have happened to this character, his path is wrong. The Joker's exploits are frightening ... shaking ... He performs 'Tai Chi' (a special Chinese dance) inside the bathroom after killing for the first time. He is shocked to see the news printed after the murders. But there is also a sadness in his cruelty. Which makes one feel how broken, how scattered it is. Due to all these reasons, it seems that the film is great in terms of texture, tightness and visualization, but in terms of ideology and psychology it seems to be made keeping in mind the mature audience. It cannot be denied completely that the director has left it entirely to the discretion of the audience to sympathize with the Joker and all those suffering from mental illnesses, but do not make him their hero.


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