Saturday, November 30, 2019

Salman Khan's film Dabangg 3, will be released on December 20?

In the upcoming film Dabangg 3, where the hashtag 'Boycott Dabangg 3' campaign has been going on Twitter since Friday morning to hurt the religious sentiments of Hindus, the Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, an NGO in Bengaluru, canceled the censor certificate of the film. Has demanded to do.

The controversy erupted after a section of social media objected to the saffron-clad sadhus dancing to the title song of the film.

In a letter to the Bangalore office of the Central Board of Film Certifications (CBFC), the NGO has written, We demand the cancellation of its censor certificate for the upcoming film Dabangg 3, which insults Hinduism.

The film 'Dabangg 3' has been produced by Salman Khan Filmsigne, the song 'Main Hoon Dabang Dabangg, Hood Hood Dabangg' in the film trailer. The Hindu sadhus are shown performing objectionable dance. The song depicts Shri Krishna, Shriram and Lord Shankar blessing the hero. In this way this song insults Hinduism, gods and sages. The producers have systematically attacked Hinduism. This song has hurt the sentiments of Hindus, so this song and other objectionable scenes should be removed from the film.

Part of the letter has been shared by a Twitter user. It further said in the letter, due to the above reasons, we request you to cancel the censor certificate of this derogatory film.

Salman Khan and the producers have not yet responded to the issue.


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