Saturday, December 7, 2019

Aashika Goradia did a pole dance with Juhi Parmar's daughter, video goes viral

Juhi Parmar and Aashka Goradia's friendship in the TV world is strong. Their friendship is far and wide. Happiness and grief partners Juhi Parmar and Aashka Goradia recently spent time with Adhira, Juhi's daughter. Actually, Juhi Parmar's daughter loves to pole dance. Who is teaching them ashaka goradiya. Aashka Goradia has shared a video in which she is teaching pole dance to Adara. Aashka is doing a very good dance with Vajra.

While sharing the video, Aashka writes that because you like this song very much and I am her favorite ride. Sammy, I love the smile on your face. I like to understand how you try to learn new things and try again and master it. We both had a lot of fun doing pole dancing. This is the one thing that gives you joyride. And our audience is your mama Juhi Parmar who is clapping behind.


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