Monday, December 16, 2019

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar writes to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for ban on porn sites

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has demanded the central government to ban porn sites and other inappropriate content on the Internet. On this, he has written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday. In the letter sent to the Prime Minister, he has written that the incidents of gang-rape and subsequent heinous murder of women in various states of the country have stirred the minds of the entire country for some time. Such incidents are happening in almost all the states. It is a matter of great sorrow and concern.

The Chief Minister has written in his letter that due to unlimited access of people on the Internet, a large number of children and youth are watching pornographic, violent and inappropriate content. In some cases such incidents also occur due to its effect. In many cases videos of rape incidents are being broadcast on social media such as WhatsApp, Facebook etc. This kind of material severely affects the brain especially of children and some youngsters of young age.

Crimes against women are on the rise

The Chief Minister has written that in many cases the use of such material has come up as a factor in such crimes. Additionally, some people's mentality is being negatively affected by the long-term use of such material. Many social problems are arising from this and crimes against women are increasing. He has also written that although provisions have been made in the Information Technology Act, 2000 (as amended 2008) in this regard, they are not being effective. The Supreme Court has also given several guidelines to the government in this regard. I think the unlimited availability of such inappropriate material in the name of freedom of expression and ideas is not appropriate. It is absolutely necessary to take effective action to prevent such crimes against women and children. Strict instructions are also required to be given to Internet service providers (Internet service providers). Also, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive awareness campaign in collaboration with various stakeholders like parents, educational institutions and non-governmental organizations. Therefore, I would request that after considering this serious matter immediately, please take immediate action to ban such porn sites and inappropriate content available on the Internet.


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