Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Citizenship Amendment Bill: Azam Khan said, Muslim biggest patriot

Samajwadi Party (SP) MP Azam Khan said that the Muslims had the option of moving to Pakistan or residing in India at the time of Partition in 1947 and chose to stay here, so the Muslims are the biggest devotees of the country. Azam said this while talking to journalists after the bill to grant citizenship to non-Islamic refugees who came to India before December 2014 from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan was passed by the Lok Sabha.

He said, "He is a bigger patriot than others who stayed here." If this is the punishment for patriotism then all I can say is that in democracy only the heads are counted, not the mind. ”Azam Khan said that the government did not listen to the opposition during the debate on the bill.

He said, “Passing of the bill was a game of numbers. The opposition did not have the numbers, the government wanted to hear what the opposition wanted to say. "The bill has already passed in Lok Sabha through division. Discussion on the bill started a day earlier on Monday from 4 pm and after a long debate till 12.06 pm on Monday, 311 votes were cast in favor of the bill and 80 votes were against it. Today this bill will be introduced in Rajya Sabha

Rajya Sabha Mathematics
The Rajya Sabha consists of a total of 245 members. But now the strength of the House is 238 with few vacant seats. The BJP needs 120 votes to pass the bill. The BJP has 83 MPs in the Upper House and its National Democratic Alliance (NDA) has a total of 94 MPs. Apart from the BJP's 83 MPs, the NDA also has six MPs from the Janata Dal (United), three from the Shiromani Akali Dal and one each from the Lok Janshakti Party and the Republican Party of India.

There are 12 nominated MPs in Rajya Sabha. The BJP is confident of support from 11, including Subramanian Swamy, Swapan Dasgupta, Rakesh Sinha. If 11 more Rajya Sabha members are added, the count of NDA members will reach 105, where it will still need the support of 15 MPs. This is where the 'chemistry' of the BJP can come in handy, which can create a smooth passage for the Citizenship Amendment Bill, so that the party can reach the figure of 120. The BJP hopes that it will get the support of 11 AIADMK MPs. With this, it will have the support of 116 MPs. After this, the support of four more MPs will be needed.

Sources say that Biju Janata Dal of Naveen Patnaik's party was approached even before the Parliament started the session to get the Bill passed in the Upper House. A source said, "Not only Naveen Babu, but V. Karthikeyan Pandian was also approached for this work." Pandian is considered to be Patnaik's specialty. The BJP believes that it will get the support of all seven BJD MPs.

After this, the party will have three more votes than required. But, the BJP leadership has tried even more. It hopes to get the support of two MPs from Andhra's YSRCP. A BJP general secretary said, "Just keep watching, tomorrow (Wednesday) victory will be ours."

The NDA government had introduced this bill in its previous tenure as well and got the approval of the Lok Sabha. However, it could not be passed in the Rajya Sabha. This time due to more protests against the government, Home Minister Amit Shah is personally working on a strategy to get the bill passed.


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