Wednesday, December 25, 2019

DM's fake letter viral: accused students got relief after apologizing to colleagues

Two students of class 12, who were arrested and sent to the child improvement home in connection with the viral order of DM of Noida for school leave, have got interim bail till January 02. With this, the police have removed sections 420, 419 and 500 from both the students. Now action will be taken only under 66 IT Act. After the arrest of the students, their classmates reached the DM's camp office on Tuesday, citing the future of their fellow students and pleaded to forgive them.
DM's fake letter viral: accused students got relief after apologizing to colleagues

According to the information, the order of exemption of schools was posted on social media on Sunday by creating fake Twitter account of Noida DM. After this, DM BN Singh posted on Twitter that he has not issued any such letter. After this, police station Sector-20 police registered a case under Section 420 of the IPC, IT Act, 419, 566 against unknown and detained two students of class 12 on Monday. Both were arrested after interrogation. Both study in a school in Sector-12. The students created a letter from the K app for a holiday in the cold and for fun. To make it viral, both of them created a fake Twitter account of DM Gautam Budh Nagar. Then it was viral by writing leave on fake letterpad. The police produced both in Juvenile Court and sent them to the child improvement home.

It is worth mentioning that after the arrest of two students of class 12 in connection with making a fake order letter of the Noida District Magistrate for the leave of schools, their classmates reached the camp office of the Collector on Tuesday. Citing the future of his fellow students, he had requested to be forgiven. He apologized in front of the Principal and the officials who reached the spot by crying and folding his hands, whose photo went viral on social media.

The District Magistrate was not there at the time when this incident happened. On information, district administration officials, education department officials and school principals also reached the camp office to convince the students who were performing. On the persuasion of the school principal, some students, holding a crying ear, asked to forgive the accused students. When the principal's efforts failed, City Magistrate Shailendra Kumar Mishra also explained to the students. The students said that both the accused students are good in studies. This time they have UP board examinations. In such a situation they should be forgiven on the basis of humanity. On the persuasion of the authorities, the protesting students returned.

On December 22, I came to know about this fake order. It was issued with my fake signature. If I did not counter this order, the schools in Gautam Budh Nagar would have been closed. After this, a case was registered in this case after talking to the SSP. Investigation revealed that both the accused students are minors. But a lawsuit has been filed legally and now action will be taken in this case legally. This case will be seen in Juvenile Court. ”- BN Singh, District Magistrate

This is the provision

If convicted, three years punishment is possible

If both minors are found guilty, there is a provision for a maximum sentence of 3 years.
IPC 419 Penalty for Fraud: Imprisonment and cheating, if convicted under this section, the maximum punishment can be 3 years.
420- Fraud: It can carry a punishment of up to seven years.
IT Act: Different sections of IT Act have different punishment provisions.
The students demanded that both the accused be released on the basis of humanity. An FIR has been registered against both the students. They will have to bail. ”- Shailendra Kumar Mishra, City Magistrate


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