Sunday, December 1, 2019

Dream job offer starts at midnight at IIT BHU

The mega placement started at IIT BHU from midnight on Saturday. Aryabhatta hostel is being interviewed in 150 rooms. Multinational companies took the first test of meritorious online. Then the short-listed students were included in the interview. On the first day of the campus placements, companies from India and abroad made offers of better jobs to the students. Representatives of multinational companies were competing to select meritorious people. The selected students will be given the offer letter only on December 1.
Dream job offer starts at midnight at IIT BHU

On the first day in Aryabhatta hostel, companies like Microsoft, Google, Apple, Paytm, Flipkart, Goldman, Chatard Bank, Samsung, Alphonso Inc., Media Net, Adobe, City Crop and Online Shopping were interviewed. These meritorious companies also offer high-package US Redmond offers for mega placements. The result of the overnight interview will be sent in a closed envelope to the Training and Placement Office. If sources are to be believed, the first day interview companies are offering offers ranging from Rs 12 to 47 lakhs.

Dream job offer starts at midnight at IIT BHU

This time 250 national and international companies are coming in the placements of IIT BHU. Aryabhatta Hostel has 150 rooms booked for campus selection.
The interview will include 759 BTech, 242 IDD and 288 MTech and 137 PhD students. Placements starting from December 1 at IIT BHU will run for four weeks. The second phase of placement will start in several stages from January to the last week of April. CCTV cameras have been installed outside the hostel and on the main road for recording campus placements to be held at Aryabhatta Hostel. CC TV camera has also been installed in the inner hostel gallery. Tight security arrangements have been made outside the hostel for 24 hours.

Stuffed Non-Disclosed Bonds

The companies reached IIT BHU have got non-disclosure bonds filled with the institute. Due to which the company has given a package of how much, its information will not be shared with anyone. In the placement of IIT BHU, students eagerly wait for the high package redmond offer. It is a student's dream to get a chance to work in the US city of Redmond. The Redmond offer is above 10 million. Last year, Microsoft made a Redmond offer to a student of Mathematics and Computing at IIT BHU. This student had received a package of one crore 34 lakh rupees.

Knowledge from online test, test personality test

Tension was evident on the faces of the students in campus placements. None of the students were willing to talk. The knowledge of the knowledge of these students was tested by the online test, while the personality was seen in the interview. Companies chose only the best. There were many students in the placements who gave interviews in two to three companies. Of these, they will join where they get better offers. Students said that the entire emphasis of companies is on personality development and career grooming.

These companies are taking interviews on the first day

The companies that will be interviewed on the first day are mainly Goldman, Nutanix, Apple, Microsoft, Google, Uber, Revigon, Miteinkle, Alphonso, Codination, Sprinkler, DeShaw, Tower Research, Intel, Cisco, Colcom, Excel, Texas Instruments, Applied Materials , Flipkart, Masterkart, RacktBeanser, Alphonso BDA, State Street, JPMC Analyst, KLAC Tankle, GDinobo GT, City Bangalore, Sam Ng will join Apdynimics, Flipkart SDE, Paytm, Saplab, Akyuar Capital Hedaut, razor pay, Thought Spot Infarmetika, JPMC Tech, Mantra, Aptm BDA and Dilingon Inovekr.

All eyes on US Redmond package

As usual, IIT students are eyeing the US Redmond (Redmond City of the United States) package. This offer is provided by Microsoft and Oracle company. In 2016, the computer software company Oracle gave a package of one crore 20 lakh rupees to a student. While Microsoft selected two students for International and 13 for National Jobs. Companies offered packages up to Rs 90 lakh. Goldman 23, XEL selected 66 students along with 15 students in the first week. In 2018, a student of Mathematics and Computing was given a package of one crore 34 lakhs by Microsoft.


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