Sunday, December 1, 2019

Hyderabad pain in Rajya Sabha: demand to handover rapists to the crowd

Hyderabad: From Delhi's daughter Nirbhaya to Hyderabad's daughter Priyanka and know how many daughters are caught every day by some poor person. Laws have been made for the accused, but quick action is not taken. To punish the convicts of the 7-year-old Nirbhaya, his mother still looks forward to justice, but the culprits have not been punished. At the same time, the case of Hyderabad again brought back memories of Nirbhaya. In such a situation, during the discussion on Monday morning in the Rajya Sabha, the issue of Hyderabad was debated for a long time. MPs of every party are condemning this incident.
Hyderabad pain in Rajya Sabha: demand to handover rapists to the crowd
Meanwhile, Rajya Sabha member from Samajwadi Party, Jaya Bachchan, said that all the accused should be handed over to the crowd. He said that whether Nirbhaya or Kathua. The government should give an appropriate answer. Those who did this should be lynching publicly. The policemen who have acted negligently, their names should be made public and they should be embarrassed.

On the Hyderabad incident, AIADMK MP Vijila Satyanath said, 'The country is not safe for women and children. The four accused who committed this crime should be given death sentence before 31 December. A fast track court should be built. Delay in justice is injustice.

Speaking on the Hyderabad incident in the Rajya Sabha, Congress MP Ami Yaznik said, 'I request all the systems, judiciary, legislative, executive and other systems to come together so that social reform can take place. It should be done on an emergency basis.

At the same time, Aam Aadmi Party MP Sanjay Singh said, a strict law is made but it is not being implemented. Implement it by making a certain time limit. Till date Nirbhaya did not get justice.

Let me tell you that Hyderabad scandal has again created anger among the entire countrymen. Simultaneously, it is being demanded that the accused should be hanged as soon as possible under quick action. At the same time, the stars of the film world are also demanding immediate action in this matter. However, in this case the Prime Minister of the country PM Modi has not said anything yet.


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