Monday, December 16, 2019

Priyanka Gandhi spoke on violence in Delhi - young nation's soul, government hurt the constitution

Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra said on Monday that the government has hurt the Constitution. It is an attack on the soul of the country. Youth is the soul of the country. It is their right to protest. I am also a mother. Priyanka Gandhi said that you entered their library, took them out and beat them. This is torture.

Priyanka Gandhi further said that this is our country. We should all unite and raise our voice against the government. The government is doing wrong. The Nagarakita law is against the constitution. Priyanka said that every person of the Congress will fight against this atrocity and will stand with the students. Priyanka said that the Prime Minister should answer what happened in the university yesterday, whose government beat up the students? They should speak on the sinking economy.

Earlier, Priyanka Gandhi accused the central government on Sunday, saying - this government is afraid of the voice of the public, so they are registering their presence by suppressing the journalists on the students. In a tweet made on Sunday night, Priyanka Gandhi said that PM will have to listen to the voice of the youth.

He further said- “Students are being beaten inside the universities of the country and inside it. At a time when the government should listen to the voice of the public, the BJP government is persecuting students and journalists in North East, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi. This government is sneaky. "

The protesters, who were protesting against the Citizenship Amendment Act, clashed with police in New Friends Colony near Jamia Millia Islamia, in which protesters set fire to four DTC buses and two police vehicles. Around 60 people, including students, policemen and firemen were injured in the clash. On Monday, the students of the university also demonstrated by taking off the shirt outside the entrance of Jamia in the bitter cold against the police action.


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