Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Teaser of Realme's Wireless Buds Air revealed

Realme is going to organize an event in India on 17th of this month, in which it can launch some products. According to Tech World, the company will launch its two products at the event, one will be the Star Wars edition of Realme X2 Pro and the other will be Realme Buds Air. A teaser has been posted on Twitter from the company, which has seen the first glimpse of this device. Madhav Seth, India head of Reality, had already confirmed by sharing some photos of it that the company's wireless earphones will be launched in India too.

Buds of Reality resemble Apple's AirPods

The design of Realme's Wireless Buds Air closely resembles Apple's AirPods or rather, they seem to be copied. Just like AirPods, these buds also appear in the air ear and the shiny ring around them is also seen like AirPods. The company understands the size of this buds equally and has been given a fine mesh for the speaker opening. Also, the glossy plastic finish in its body has also been given like AirPods.

A few days before launch, the new earbuds were spotted on Flipkart ahead of the company's official launch. However, this listing remained online for a while, mentioning its official price before launch. However, the company has not yet given any official price information.

According to Tech World, the price listed on Flipkart was the official price. According to the brief listing, these earbuds can cost Rs 4,999. This price is slightly higher than the neck band, named Realme Buds Wireless and was launched in September. The same Apple second-generation AirPods cost Rs 14,900 in India.


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