Thursday, December 12, 2019

Temperature is falling, keep yourself and family in mind in the rising cold

These days snowfall has increased in the mountains and the effect of winter is increasing in the plains. In this winter season, it is common for the chest to develop mucus and fever after infection increases. In addition to cough, cold, headache, constipation is caused due to drinking less water and due to strong food. Bursting of the skin as well as lips is common. There is also a lot of problem of tearing of heels. Measures to avoid these diseases and treatment are necessary if done. If the skin is not taken care of properly during this season, this condition can be very painful. This is also due to dust and pollution. It affects people of every age group, but the problems of children and the elderly can be serious. Atopic eczema occurs in children in this season, in which the skin becomes dry. This causes restlessness and the skin breaks due to itching again and again.

This way, skin care can be taken

Various studies have suggested that soap should be replaced as soon as winter season arrives. There are many soaps available in the market which are more greasy. A good soap is one in which the total fat is 70 to 80 percent. By using them, the skin remains soft and moisture remains. It also matters how many are taking a shower with hot water. Actually, too much hot water can wipe off skin moisture and oily skin. Staying in water for too long also loses skin moisture.

After bathing, use oil, cream or body lotion. If you have any kind of allergy, consult a doctor before choosing oil, cream or body lotion. By the way, copra oil is most beneficial.

There is a difference between copra oil and mustard oil. Mustard oil is not beneficial for people whose skin is more dry. Apart from these, soybean oil, sunflower oil, safola oil, or curry oil can also be used, but there is nothing better than copra oil.

In winter, the selection of clothes is also important. Woolen clothes should not be worn directly i.e. first wear cotton clothes, woolen clothes over them. Woolen clothes can cause itching when exposed to the skin.

Special care is necessary for women as well as children. Women who have hypothyroid problems should take special care of the skin. Also, people who are more than 40 years of age should take care to clean the skin as well as retain its moisture.

Take care of food

Skin rash and lip eruption are also a sign of lack of water in the body. So take care on catering. Drink sufficient amount of water. Eat more of vitamin D, vitamin E and green leafy vegetables.

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Cleansing lips in winter makes it uncomfortable at times. If the lips are cracked, do not throw them repeatedly. Enzymes present in the sputum can increase discomfort. Due to this, the skin above the lips may turn black. Applying ghee or any Vaseline on the lips will benefit. Sometimes in winter, toothpaste does not suit the skin and the lips are cracked. Sleep with petroleum jelly or copra oil or cream at night, lips will be soft.


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