Monday, December 2, 2019

World aids day: Learn how a girl gave AIDS to 3 friends

A young girl, who came to study in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, went away by giving AIDS to three friends. When a young man reached the doctor after his health deteriorated, he was exposed to a fatal disease. Later, panicked friends also got an investigation and they also got AIDS. The three youths are now undergoing treatment in Delhi.

A girl living in a rented house in the Thana New Agra area was befriended by three youths living in the neighborhood. The victim, who arrived for treatment, told the doctor that after friendship, the two formed a relationship. Both were also in relation for about four months. Meanwhile, two of his other friends also had a relationship with the woman. When the doctor told him about the deadly disease AIDS, he started crying. Both friends also got nervous after learning that he had AIDS. In a very panic situation, he went to the doctor for a check. After examination, the doctor confirmed that both of them also had AIDS. When the family of three came to know about this, there was a stir. He has been taken to Delhi for treatment. When other friends of the three youths came to know about the matter, there is a stir between them. This episode remains the subject of much discussion among coaching and college going students.

Dr. Jitendra Dauneria, in charge of the Anti Retro Viral Therapy (ART) Center of SN Medical College, says that cases of AIDS in sexual matters among youth are coming up. Youths in the metropolis are also being made aware to keep a safe relationship, but still youngsters are putting their lives at stake by committing such mistakes.

Family members were not even told

The three friends did not tell this to the family members for a long time due to fear of slander in the society. Now all three friends are embarrassed. The two have decided not to get married until he recovers.

The girl no longer lives in the city
The youth went to the girl after being HIV positive. He was not found. Where she previously lived, the room has been emptied and left the city. The study has been completed. She also used to work part time at one place.

A look at the reasons

Unprotected Sex 4574
Sex worker 505
Truck driver 77
Infected injection 418
Homosexuality 135
Infected with mother 643

Children of AIDS-born parents born healthy

Children of AIDS sufferers will also be victims of this. This notion is now being proved wrong. Constant treatment and good care of children can protect them from infection. The Prevention of Parent to Child Transmission Center (PPTCT) at SN Medical College is preventing this. This center has been in operation in the hospital since 2005. Here HIV infected mothers are delivered. Special care is taken of the child after delivery. He is tested. The child is last tested at 18 months. If there is no HIV in it then the child is considered absolutely healthy. The good thing is that the children of all HIV-infected mothers have not even covered the disease. Since 2005, 297 deliveries have been done here. Of these 178 reported negative. Reports of HIV in 20 children have been reported negative in 2019 so far. The rest did not come for investigation after delivery.

Record of the year
Total investigations: - 7539
Total Delivery: - 34
General: - 21
Operation: - 13
Negative: - 20

Unsafe relationships increase AIDS patients

Unprotected sex is a major cause of life-threatening AIDS. Statistics from the ongoing Anti Retro Viral Therapy (ART) Center at SN College prove this. Including all other reasons, it is not even 50 percent. According to statistics, the highest number of HIV-positive unprotected sex in the district is due to. The total number of registered patients in the center is 9839. The number of victims is 4574 due to unsafe relationships. The number of victims is around 1800 for the remaining reasons. These include sex workers, truck drivers, infected needle victims, homosexuals and mothers. In the district, 2414 people have died due to the disease in a year. The reason for this is for patients to give up medicines. This is a cause of concern for the health department with the government. Center in-charge Dr. Jitendra Dauneria says that 100 percent of the disease is not necessary from parents to the child. The child can be protected by taking precautions.


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