Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Delhi Election 2020: Learn how BJP-Congress engaged in trying to beat AAP promises

The subsidy on electricity and water rates by the AAP-led Delhi government has forced the BJP and Congress to make promises in the assembly elections in these two regions.

The subsidy on electricity and water rates given by the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) -led Delhi government - the first 200 units of electricity and 20,000 liters of free water promised to the BJP and Congress, especially in these two regions, in the assembly elections Is forced.

Delhi Election 2020

Delhi BJP president Manoj Tiwari said that if his party came to power, it would give up to 25,000 liters of free water and ensure that it was of good quality, while the Congress had recently announced that if the party wins the election, it will win 600 units Will provide free electricity. The capital will also set up a power plant to generate electricity in Delhi. Congress has also promised that small businesses will also be provided subsidy up to 200 units.

At the same time, the BJP will refer to the work done as part of its achievements in the resolution letter or vision document issued by the Center in Delhi. A senior BJP leader said that AAP will have to find a break in the subsidy provided in these two areas like electricity and water. The benefit of subsidy is not limited to poor people only. It is important to tell the people that this government has worked only in the last three months. For 57 months, it did nothing.

Speaking about Sankalp Patra or Vision Document, Manoj Tiwari said that we will not stop the subsidy people are getting on water and electricity. We will not only give more subsidy but will also ensure that people get clean drinking water in their homes. Currently, people are receiving poisonous water. We will give 25,000 liters of free water. We will also ensure that the Delhi Jal Board (DJB) is not harmed.

Although the BJP is busy preparing its vision document, party leaders say that power, water, education, health and infrastructural development are going to be important issues in this election.

The BJP is reiterating its commitment to provide better health facilities by implementing the Ayushman Bharat scheme of the central government, which was implemented by the ruling party 'AAP' in Delhi citing the ongoing scheme of free treatment in government hospitals and Mohalla clinics. Has refused to do.

The Congress, which had reformed services like water and electricity, is today promising to subsidize up to 600 units in the hope of regaining its lost land in Delhi.

Delhi Congress spokesperson Mukesh Sharma said that if the Congress comes to power, we will give relief to consumers up to 600 units. We will transfer subsidies directly to consumers' bank accounts. While the Kejriwal government is using public funds to benefit electricity discoms. Mukesh Sharma said that this will be a major part of our manifesto in the upcoming elections.

Tanveer Aijaz, professor of political science and political analyst at Ramjas College, University of Delhi, said that the AAP government fulfilled its election promises in the last five years and the opposition parties in Delhi had to focus on four areas - water, electricity, education and health Is forced to concentrate. Whereas when voters vote for a party on the basis of manifesto, it is a matter of faith for them that political parties will fulfill the promise. For example, during the Lok Sabha elections, people did not take the Congress promise of a minimum income of Rs 72,000 per year seriously, which was a good plan.

During the 2013 and 2015 assembly elections, both the Congress and the BJP promised subsidies on electricity and water to counter AAP's promises.

In its 2013 manifesto, the BJP promised to cut electricity rates by 30% when it comes to power. 2015 also promised a reduction in electricity and water rates.

Anticipating a return to power in Delhi after a gap of 21 years, Delhi BJP chief Manoj Tiwari said that we will give five times more than what the Arvind Kejriwal government is promising. In fact, what we promise will be for 60 months (five years), not just two-three months.


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