Wednesday, February 12, 2020

If you live in Happy Hug Day: Distance Relationship, then send this beautiful message to your partner

It is said that the work which is not able to do big things. She smiles a smile. At the same time, if you want to make someone feel good by going a little beyond a smile, then a hug can do this work for you. Also, if you hug someone special, then it will deepen your love with the removal of your grievances.
Happy Hug Day: Distance Relationship

Why is Hag Day celebrated
When we hug someone, there are many hormones released in our body, which are considered good for our health. By doing this, our love and trust towards the one we love increases even more.
Happy Hug Day: Distance Relationship

Some would call it magic,
Somebody say love it,
The chance is beautiful
Come hug my friend

I want your hand, I want your company,
I want day and night to stay in your arms,
Just love you in this promise

We have got heaven in your arms,
May I say to God, keep your heaven with you

Let me break in your arms
Let me smell your breath
Heart is restless for how long this love
Today let me get down in my chest.

Once i hit the chest
Take all the desires of your heart
Since when have you yearned to make me yours
Today I have a chance to call me

I speak my mind
I say everything in my heart
Take at least once in arms
I stop saying this every time.


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