Thursday, February 13, 2020

Varanasi sex racket: Girls used to come from Uzbekistan and Thailand, diary will reveal the secrets of white dresses

After exposing high profile sex racket in Sanjay Nagar colony of Aktha in Varanasi, layer by layer has started to open. The racket brought girls from other countries including Uzbekistan, Thailand. Police has got the passport of Uzbekistan girl by chance. Police are investigating the link of Thailand girls.
 sex racket

According to the police, the high profile sex racket was operated by landlord Sanjay Singh alias Pappu himself. He had been running a racket through the dating app for the past one year. Earlier, he was also running a racket in another house in the same area, but when people protested, he stopped there. After this the business started in Sanjay Nagar. Girls from other states including Assam, Bengal, Mumbai, Chhattisgarh used to come here.

Police sources say that 3000 to 5000 rupees were collected from customers. The girls involved in sex racket used to get 1500 to 2500 rupees. Sanjay had also made his link abroad. Sanjay has made assets worth crores of rupees from the sex racket. The police has sealed the house. A total of 11 people, including Sanjay, have been booked. The police have sent four boys (Sanjay and three customers) and four girls to jail.

The racket was running just one km away from the post

The sex racket was operated just one kilometer from Pahadia outpost, but the outpost in charge and the beat in charge were unaware. People around there say that they were informing the police for the last 15 days, but it was not taken seriously. On Sunday also, when people surrounded the house and called on all four sides, the police arrived after two and a half hours.

Diary will reveal the secrets of white robes
Police has recovered a pocket diary from the accused Sanjay Singh. It contains the names of customers who used to visit here. Police sources believe that the diary also has the names of white-collar men. People in the neighborhood also say that luxury cars used to come in Sanjay Singh's house. There are about 15 rooms in the house of the accused. He used to call 15-20 people every day. In such a situation, he was doing an average business of about 50 thousand rupees.

Used to scare neighbors
Sanjay Singh alias Pappu Singh resident Dhaurahra Chaubepur (46) lives in a house in Sanjay Nagar Colony with wife and a daughter (11) and a son (nine). After the death of mother Meera Singh, a three-storey house was built in the name of mother. Sanjay Singh used to distribute money on interest. He also has a licensee pistol, which has been confiscated by the police. Whenever there was a dispute with people, he used to wave arms.

25 country coins including American dollar found
When the police searched the room, about one lakh rupees, one American dollar, 25 coins from different countries, a pistol, two magazines, 46 cartridges, hundreds of condoms, provocative drugs, offensive photos, dozens of countries and other cities Aadhaar, voter ID card etc. have been recovered from more than one person. Police has arrested Anand Singh resident Gautam Vihar Colony Ardali Bazar, Mokshada, Shahdullah, Rafa Khan resident Maharashtra, Jalpaiguri resident Maya Devi, Karna Kumar resident Sona Talab.

Girls used to be lured by money
During interrogation, the girls told the police that Sanjay Singh used to pay them a hefty amount. Because of this she used to come here. While the police started questioning, Sanjay Singh started crying bitterly. He said that he used to run a hoax with a woman named Sania in the greed of money. In this case the deceased girl has been identified as Kajal, a resident of West Bengal. His mobile is locked. Due to this, the police has not been able to contact the family yet. His body is kept in marchery.


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