Friday, April 24, 2020

Ali Fazal's condition deteriorated while proposing Richa Chadha, said- I didn't even have a ring

Ali Fazal and Richa Chadha are one of Bollywood's most famous couples. The two have been dating each other for a long time. Both the stars were scheduled to get married in April this month, but this could not happen due to the lockdown. However, at this time the two keep talking to each other through video calls. Ali explained how he proposed to Richa.
Ali Fazal's condition deteriorated while proposing Richa Chadha

In an interview with Zoom, Ali said, it happened suddenly. To be fair, I did not even have a ring. I felt that this is the right opportunity, this planet is the best place and I felt that the chance should not be missed. Ali said that although he had discouraged about it earlier, he was extremely scared. He told, it was sweet. Maybe I talked about it for the first time. No matter how close you are, this time is very scary. The girl can say, Sorry man, stop for a minute.

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Significantly, Ali and Richa were to marry in this April. He had also applied for a registered marriage, during a recent interview, Ali said, 'We were actually a bit late on both things and were so busy, so we didn't book any hall and invite Cards were also not printed. So somewhere our money was saved due to this. ' Although Ali said this in a funny tone.


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