Thursday, April 23, 2020

Anushka Sharma mocked herself, calling herself a 'stupid girl'

Actress Anushka Sharma applied a filter to a shot of the viral 'Gas the Gibberish' on Instagram but failed to get the right word. The 'gas the gibberish' filter works to show you the word without meaning until you crack it, you don't come to the right phrase. A user gets 10 seconds to find the correct words. This filer was created by a user whose user name is the Risu Christopher.

Anushka has posted a video on Instagram Story, where she is seen participating in this guessing game. His Gibberish filter read, "Stir Range Earth
In the video, she appears to be repeating the sentence and decides to answer correctly to be "Strange Things" at the end, but the correct answer is "Stranger Things".
His guess is wrong after this Anushka called herself a "stupid girl". Talking about the work, Anushka is going to come up with a new web series by her production house Clean Slate Company as Nemataar on Amazon Prime Video Web Series.


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