Sunday, April 26, 2020

Kanika Kapoor breaks silence on allegations on herself after recovering from Corona virus

Kanika Kapoor was in the news for the Coronavirus till a few days ago. Kanika had become corona. There have been many reports about her since Kanika's test positive. He was also charged with negligence. However, he was discharged after 3 test negatives and now he is in quarantine these days. In the meantime, Kanika has spoken about it by writing a post.
Kanika Kapoor breaks silence on allegations on herself after recovering from Corona virus

Kanika wrote, 'I know many stories have been made about me. Some grew more because I was still silent. I was not silent because I was wrong. I knew people were misinformed. I was just waiting for people to understand the truth themselves. I thank my family, friends, and supporters who understood me at such a time. But now I want to tell you the right things. '

Kanika wrote, 'I am in Lucknow right now and spending quality time with my parents. All the people I was in contact with, whether in the UK, Mumbai, or Lucknow, no symptoms of the corona were found in all of them and Sabi's test also turned negative. I came to India from the UK on 10 March and I had a screening test at the International Airport. At that time no advisory was even given that I had to quarantine myself. I had no problem so I did not quarantine myself. I then went to Lucknow to meet my family on 11 March. There was no screening during domestic flights. On 14–15 March I had lunch and dinner with friends. I did not host any party. '

Kanika further wrote, 'I felt symptoms on March 17-18, and on March 19, I did the test. On March 20, I was told that my test had arrived positive. I went to the hospital and then after 3 negative tests, I was discharged. Since then, I am still at home for 21 days. I would like to thank the doctors and nurses who took care of me. '

Kanika wrote in the last, "Speaking negatively about a person cannot change the truth."


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