Sunday, May 3, 2020

After the martyrdom of the Colonel, the terrorist took his phone, when the call of the security forces from outside, he said - Salam Walekum

Colonel Ashutosh Sharma entered the house where the militants were hiding to free the hostages. They evacuated the civilians, but they were heavily fired from behind. When he could not be contacted, the team outside called the Colonel Ashutosh on his mobile. Which was picked up by a terrorist and picked up the phone and said - Salaam Walekum.
After the martyrdom of the Colonel

Five security personnel, including two officers of the Indian Army, were killed in an encounter with militants in Handwara, Kashmir on Saturday. Earlier, he saved the civilians. Two terrorists have also been killed in this encounter. Army Colonel Ashutosh Sharma, Major Anuj Sood, Nayak Rajesh, Lance Naik Dinesh, and Sub-Inspector Shakeel Qazi of Jammu and Kashmir Police were martyred in the encounter with the terrorists.

On Friday, the news of four terrorists was received; On Wednesday, the news was received that four terrorists may be present here. On this information, the Army's National Rifle launched a joint operation with the police. Different teams were engaged in finding the terrorists. On Saturday, some new information was received, and once firing between the terrorists and security forces also took place, but then the terrorists escaped.

On Saturday afternoon, when his team led by 21 National Rifle Unit CO Colonel Ashutosh Sharma was coordinating the search teams, they came to know about something wrong in a house. He went to the side where the terrorists in a house had bonded the people living in that house. The team led by Colonel Ashutosh took out the civilians safely and as these men were leaving the house, the hidden terrorists started firing on them. Meanwhile, another army team also laid siege outside.

When the terrorist twice said Salaam Walekum
On Saturday evening, the team deployed under siege wanted to contact Colonel Ashutosh's team, but could not be contacted. The radio set was also damaged in the shelling. It had become dark and it was raining heavily. When there was no contact, the team outside called the mobile of Colonel Ashutosh. Which was picked up by a terrorist and picked up the phone and said - Salaam Walekum. After some time, I got the phone again, yet the terrorist picked up the phone and said Salaam Walekum.

The terrorists were trying to escape at night but were killed by another army team. Two terrorists were killed. Of these, one has been identified as Hyder's top commander, Haider. When the second army team found the body of all five martyrs inside the house along with Colonel Ashutosh of the entry. The operation is still on to find the remaining two terrorists.

This is the reception area of ​​terrorists
The area in which this operation took place is in the Rajwar Jungle Area of ​​Kupwara district. It is also the reception area for infiltrating terrorists. That is, when the terrorists come in from across the LoC, then the terrorists present in this area receive them. According to an army officer, it is possible that these four terrorists may have come to receive new terrorists. The terrorists from across the LoC are constantly trying to infiltrate


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