Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Girl accused of exploitation in MeToo post, 14-year-old student commits suicide

A 14-year-old boy committed suicide late Monday night in Gurugram after he was accused of molesting a girl on social media. Police on Tuesday said Instagram police said the teenager jumped from the 11th floor of an apartment building. In fact, a girl took the boy's name to the post "MeToo" after the revelations of the boys pornographic Instagram group.
Girl accused of exploitation in MeToo post, 14-year-old student commits suicide

The police officer informed that he did not receive any suicide note but messages from the boy's phone showed that fellow students had warned him that he would be questioned by police. HT has a screenshot of the girl's post and the message to the boy. The girl told me that she was attacked three years ago which she cannot hide anymore. In this, he mentioned the hand of the boy

Earlier it was revealed in the recent revelations that a group called 'Boys Locker Room' was created on Instagram by some people. Through this, pictures of minor girls were being shared and objectified. After sharing a screenshot on social media by a girl from South Delhi, information about this chat group along with other similar groups came out and people were noticed on this matter.

Sharing the screenshot, the girl wrote, 'There is a group of boys aged 17-18 from South Delhi, named' Boys Locker Room ', where photographs of young girls were being manipulated and made objectionable. . Two boys from my school are part of it. ' The girl also shared a list of the boys in the group and a screenshot of their chat, where she can be seen sharing pictures of the girls and commenting on them. In this group, he is also seen planning to commit gangrape.


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