Friday, May 8, 2020

Mrs Serial Killer Review: Mrs Serial Killer Kills Patience

'Where have you seen the torture? You will see it now! 'Its dialogues are spoken by its lead actress Jacqueline Fernandez just two minutes after the release of the film 'Mrs. Serial Killer' on the popular streaming site Netflix. In the hope of seeing a tight psycho-thriller film during the lockdown period, the innocent audience has not even imagined that this is being said to them! The film, written and directed by Shirish Kunder, has many jholas. Even the presence of a great actor like Manoj Bajpayee could not save it from shattering.

This is the story of a small hill station couple Dr. Mritunjoy Mukherjee alias Joy (Manoj Bajpayee) and his wife Sona (Jacqueline Fernandez). The story also features Inspector Imran Shahid (Mohit Raina), Sona's ex-boyfriend. The bodies of six girls are recovered from Dr. Mritunjoy's clinic. All have a commonality - they were virgin pregnant girls. His murderer has unceremoniously removed the fetus in his stomach through operation and kept it in a jar containing a special chemical solution. Police believe that only a gynecologist can do this work. Dr. Mrityunjoy is a gynecologist. The whole world feels that he is guilty, but his wife Sona believes that he is innocent. When all the lawyers of the city refuse to contest her case, she approaches Rastogi ji (Darshan Jariwala) for help. Mrityunjoy ever helped Rastogi ji a lot. Rastogi is ready to fight this case, but to save Mritunjoy, he tells Sona a very sinister way, which puts him in a dilemma.

The film's weak storyline and script are its biggest drawbacks. Manoj Vajpayee has done well in terms of acting, although his role is very small. Jacqueline has acted in the entire film. However, more than that, his character is the creator and director. Even after the husband goes to jail, there is no shortage in his fashion sense and style. She also commits a crime by wearing designer apparel one by one. Apart from Manoj Bajpayee, the character who has done well is actress Jane Marie. In the film, he plays a teenager named Anushka Tiwari. He has done full justice to his character.

Do not try to find logic in the film, because they are completely absent. In one scene, a character is injected with local anesthesia, making him completely unconscious. How, only those who made this film can tell. Some of the scenes in the film are also ridiculous, for example, one character chases another while driving an SUV car on a deserted street in a small hill town, and the other character doesn't seem to know it. Similarly, in another scene, we see that Dr. Mrityunjoy has placed many pictures of his wife on the walls of his hospital. There is neither a nurse nor a ward boy nor any patient in this haunted hospital.

The film undermines Netflix's credibility with quality films. Jacqueline was earlier criticized for another Netflix film Drive. And Mrs. Serial Killer is a step ahead.


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