Saturday, May 2, 2020

On joining politics, Arun Govil said, 'I have had offers for a long time

People are imprisoned in homes due to the ongoing lockdown in the country to prevent the Korana crisis. During this time, the famous TV serial 'Ramayan' of the 80s is being telecast once again to assimilate the people of the country into spirituality and to make the new generation aware of this wonderful story.
On joining politics, Arun Govil said, 'I have had offers for a long time

Arun Govil, who played the role of Ram in Ramanand Sagar's Ramayana on the small screen, left an indelible mark in millions of hearts and is very excited about the re-telecast of the serial. In response to a question, he says that the love given by the audience is the biggest award in his life. Govil says, "Ramayana teaches relationship."

In an interview, Arun Govil says that the response is better than ever in the broadcast of this time. Many new people are connected. Those who were small at that time have also joined. Although the cycle of time has progressed a lot, people still found it fresh. The response from the people was very good.

Despite the popularity, Arun Govil, when asked about not joining politics till now, said that I have been getting offers in politics for a long time but I never had any desire to go to that area. However, I have been called several times from both the major parties of the country, BJP and Congress.

On asking that you are from UP, which is considered to be the stronghold of the politics of the country, yet politics did not attract you. On this, he said that I never felt like this. By the way, it is a matter of their respective attitude that what are your priorities? Nowadays politics is also like a profession and I am satisfied with the profession I am in.

After the Ramayana, did you not appear in more films? In response to this question, Arun Govil said that the image of Ramayana was very strong. It made a difference. Because of this, I did not do many films. The audience reaction was also a reason behind this. On the issue of acting in a web series on Ramayana or any other religious subject, he said that if there is such a script that makes it feel that it should work, then you can.

The new generation is active on social media. Dialogues of Ramayana are also becoming very viral. On this, he said that social media is a strong medium of dialogue. People are adopting it fast. Tweets keep retweeting. Dialogues are also becoming more viral.

Asked when you became active on Twitter, he told me that the account was very old but I was active on it during the telecast of Ramayana. Twitter reached 1.80 lakh followers in 20 days. Facebook has 1 million followers. Instagram and YouTube also have one lakh followers.

You said in the past that no government has given respect, so what was the reason for saying so after so many days? On this, Arun Govil told me that in fact, the Chief Executive Director of Film Fair asked me this question on Twitter, then I said so in response. Later, by making another tweet, I made it clear that I had no desire to get the award. Only that question had to be answered, so it was said.

Although there is an existence of state honor, the audience I have met is the biggest award in my life. I also wrote in the tweet, "Thank you for the love you received."

When asked that if a government honors you, will you accept it, then he said that absolutely. There is no problem with the award, it will be welcome if you get it. Even if not found, there is no problem nor is there any complaint about it.

When asked about the change in routine due to the lockdown, Ram Ramayana said that there is no significant change. At home with his family. Just don't get out, that's the difference. People are showing creativity during this time. If someone is fond of writing, then he is writing. Every person is fulfilling his hobbies according to his interest. I too am watching Ramayana with my family. Giving interviews I'll make a video by putting it on social media. This is how time is passing.

On giving the message to the new generation of artists, Arun Govil says that many people call me for Motivational Speech. This is what I say that life management should focus on. People from the corporate sector also call me. I tell everyone the same thing that there is a lot in Ramayana, not only to see it but also to understand it and also to remove some things in your life. This will lead to welfare. It is very important to have peace and happiness in life.

He said, "Ramayana teaches us relationships. In human life, it is not just the relationship of home and all the relationships too. If we fix all the relationships then life becomes very good. Only take it, if not give If you learn, happiness comes the peace in life. This is what Ramayana teaches. I do all the Motivational things and Ramayana is the essence of everything for me. This is what I tell people. This is also the request of the new generation. Person to adopt it.


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