Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Trolls called 'girl' to Karan Kundra, the actor gave the answer that everyone's speaking stopped

TV actor Karan Kundra recently came on Instagram live chat with his co-stars Kritika Kamra and Pooja Gaur. Karan Kundra is called the Chocolate Boy of the TV industry. In such a situation, during the live session, a person called her a 'girl'. The actor did not sit silent after hearing this. He gave such a reply to the troll that he stopped speaking.

A few days ago Karan Kundra shared some photos with Kritika Kamra and Pooja Gaur. Karan wrote that due to public demand and threatening to kill (jokingly) I and Kritika Kamra will come live on Instagram at 6 pm. And yes, together Gujju Pooja will be with us in the Gaud comments section.

One user wrote, 'Three women'. After reading this, Karan replied that yes brother, and I have no problem if you want to call me this. Rather, I am proud, being a woman is the strongest thing in this world. I hope your mother and sister are proud to hear this.

Some time ago, actors Anusha Dandekar and Karan Kundra were in the news about their breakup. On this, Karan Kundra gave a statement that both of us are together and our breakup has not happened.
Karan had said that the first thing is that we both do not live in live. We live together some days and some days in our house. I was shooting in Haryana and came back before the Mumbai lockdown. I did not want to endanger anyone's life and health, so I chose to stay at my house. The two of us are not living together so people thought that we had a breakup. We are still together. This breakup is also being rumored because I am not active nor posting anything on my social media. This is because I am on social media detox and want to stay away from it for some time.

Karan further said that I do not mind these rumors but Anusha has to. She is very emotional. The same gave me information about the rumor of the breakup being spread. Hey, first let us know that we have a breakup.

At the same time, Anusha Dandekar wrote a post on Instagram giving her reaction, in which she wrote that I want to say one thing to all of you before sleeping. I know that I am among those who open my mind. I am tired of hearing this, so do not consider my silence as weakness.

Anusha further wrote that I know who has gone to the press about this. I am surprised that at a time when the whole world is struggling with a problem, then you ridicule someone's personal life. You speak anything else. I hope you have new ways to live life. You are not my friend, but the question arises here, are you friends with anyone? Or just think about themselves. I hope you will find peace. At the same time, he had told the news of the breakup with boyfriend Karan Kundra a rumor and said that nothing like this has happened.


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