Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Who can go home by laborers special train, how to get registered? Understand the whole way

Running trains after 40 days does not necessarily mean that anyone travels. Only and only predetermined people will be able to travel… what are the rules, know here
Who can go home by laborers special train, how to get registered? Understand the whole way

New Delhi: All rail services are canceled till May 17 due to lockdown across the country. But 'Shramik Special Train' is being run for the people trapped in different parts of the country. Running these trains does not mean that any person reaches the railway station and starts traveling. You will neither issue a ticket nor allow you to board the train. Only selected people can travel with these trains. These are the chosen people - workers, students, pilgrims and tourists stranded in the lockdown. But out of these, only those people can travel, who have been allowed by the state government.

How to get approval to travel in Shramik Special train?

If you want to travel by Shramik Special train, first of all you have to contact the nearest Nodal Officer. Get their information and register yourself. The Nodal Officer will have you fill a form. After this a list will be prepared. This list will be sent to the Railways. Nodal officers will give information about where and how you will get the train.

If a person reaches the railway station without an application, then he will not be allowed to travel.

Railway Guidelines for Special Train

All the passengers will be screened before traveling in the train, only those passengers who do not have symptoms of Kovid-19 will be allowed to go.

The train will run point to point. Will not stop at any station on the way. The responsibility of passengers will be with the state governments.

No ticket will be issued to any passenger. The state governments will bear the expenses of the passengers' ticket.
It is mandatory to follow social distancing in railway stations and trains.
It is mandatory for every traveler to wear a mask during the journey
Passengers will be brought to the station in state government sanitized buses
On arrival at the destination, they will be landed as a batch and every passenger will be screened there.
If there is a need to keep the passengers in isolation, then the state government will arrange them
The state government will make arrangements to reach the homes of those people
One time meals will be provided in trains traveling more than 12 hours
Let me tell you, for the first time due to the lockdown, not a single train ran in the whole country for 40 days. The third phase of lockdown has started from 4 May. This lockdown will run till 17 May.


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