Monday, August 31, 2020

India-Chia Clash: Indo-China clash again ... Indian Army strongly repulsed

India-Chia Clash: Until now, people thought that India was like a spear next to Pakistan. Now the spear on the original side is understood to be China. With the central government receiving the slogan of self-sufficient India ... China is dying. With the temptation to destroy India no matter what ... it is stirring up the borders. Recently there was another clash between the soldiers of the two countries near Pyongyang in eastern Ladakh. This time too, it turned out that China was the cause of the clash. The Chinese military has once again demonstrated its aggression in eastern Ladakh. Leaving the agreement between the two countries in the air ... the Dragon Army tried to invade. The Indian Army noticed this and said "Aye" and resisted strongly. There was a big clash in the type of "Nuvventa ... Nuvventa". Eventually, the Chinese army was repulsed by the Indian Army. Seeing the courage of the Indian Army ... the Chinese Army tribe is rotting ... the tribe is worried that their plan is not a workout.

The rulers of Beijing are becoming more and more rotten. Conspiracies are being hatched that if the Indian army is provoked ... something will happen and thereby ... cause huge damage to India. What's more ... the Chinese rulers who said that they were withdrawing our army ... in fact did not do so ... kept the army intact in some places. The army is breaking the rules and kicking Kaya. The latest incident took place south of Pyongyang, the center said. It is reported that this happened between midnight on August 29 and 30.

India-Chia Clash: Indo-China clash again

China has recently bowed its head under American pressure. The plays were played that the two countries would develop due to the friendship with India. That being said ... Dragon Country Country is heavily conspiring to seize Ladakh territory behind the scenes. Now the central government is also on alert. China is deploying troops heavily along its borders so that it can cut its tail. Not only that ... India has also deployed our warship in the South China Sea. No matter how many extras China makes ... it seems that India is ready to push back strongly from all sides. If there is such a poor country next to anything ... it is very difficult to develop. Especially after the self-deprecating Bharat slogan ... the dragon is boiling over that the Indians have not bought their goods. The result is these provocations. If it does so ... Experts are sure to hit China hard internationally..


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