Sunday, August 30, 2020

Sushant Singh's former PA claim- Riya Chakraborty made false allegations, Sushant did not take drugs

Former PA of Sushant Singh Rajput, Sabir Ahmed has said that Riya intentionally made false allegations against Sushant. He was with Sushant Singh for a long time. He has never seen Sushant taking drugs.

Sabir said that while Sushant was busy promoting 'Sonchidiya' and shooting for 'Dil Bechara', he too stayed at the flat with him due to work. Sabir told that if Sushant had ever consumed drugs, he would have known about this. But there was nothing like it. He said that for the past few days, the name of many drugs is being taken with Sushant. It is also being said that Sushant used to take all these drugs. Under the conspiracy, people are saying something which is absolutely wrong.

Riya made false allegations

Actually, Riya Chakraborty's WhatsApp chat went viral. It was a retrieve chat, which was deleted by the actress. In this chat, Riya was seen talking about drugs. In such a situation, when Riya was asked questions on this matter, Riya said that she never took drugs. In her statement, Riya said- 'I never even tried drugs. However, I feel very sad to say that Sushant used to take marijuana.

Accusation: Mahesh Bhatt used to provoke Riya

Here, Vishal Singh Rajput, in charge of Justice for Sushant, has said that Mahesh Bhatt used to provoke Riya often. Riya used to listen to Mahesh to get films from him. Riya uses Sushant for her own benefit and when she leaves work, she leaves him. Vishal's allegation is that when he spoke to many of Sushant's close acquaintances, it came to know that Riya is making false accusations against the late actor and his family to protect himself. But the truth will be revealed after the completion of the CBI investigation. Riya is getting full support of Maharashtra government in this whole episode. In the matter of giving protection to them, the members of Justice for Sushant said that there are so many serious allegations against them. The Maharashtra government is giving them VIP protection, which is absolutely wrong.


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